Yomi Adegoke's Challenges

Day 9 – Where’s Wally?

Over to Maame Atuah… 

“I’m Maame, 24 from London and I like to make burritos on a Sunday. I love Where’s Wally! It gets my brain going and stimulated for the day”


Where’s Wally? Hide or move something in a photograph, piece of art or creation. Challenge somebody else to find it! You could take two photographs, and change 3 things in the picture. You could take a photograph and camouflage yourself in it! You could doodle a scene and hide a tiny character, detail or word for others to guess what you have moved or changed…it’s up to you! 


Maame loves Where’s Wally because it stimulates her brain! How did this challenge make you think differently? How do you feel now? 


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