Yomi Adegoke's Challenges

Day 6 – Find a Rainbow


It’s Day 6, and today, it’s over to Suzanne.

“I’m Suzanne. I’m old enough to know better and wise enough to want to be better. I’m from “up north” but living “darn sarf”. I love that every time you look at the sky, it’s brand new. You’re looking at a sky that’s never existed before in the history of the world! Make a rainbow just as unique.”


Create a rainbow using the items you have around you. Your rainbow might be big, might be small, it might be made of socks, food, books, pencils – anything goes. Find the colour! 

“Rainbows have been seen as symbols of hope and pride, we could use some of that at the start of this new year.”


What’s your colour of the day?


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