Yomi Adegoke's Challenges

Day 4 – Wear your Happy


It’s Monday morning…let’s kickstart the week with Karen Arthur! Find Karen on Instagram here

“I’m a 58 year old black menopausal woman. I live in south east london. I’m an ex- teacher (28 years) now fashion designer, sewing tutor and a whole lot in between. I like to be creative and to dance in my kitchen. Poor mental well being is on the rise and lockdown isn’t helping. I think that we can go some way to help ourselves on a daily basis and fashion is one way to do so, because too many people are missing out on the glories of making conscious clothing choices.  Everyone can get involved!”


Wear your happy! When we dress we often do so to match the way we feel at the time. Karen’s challenge is to choose to wear clothing that you LOVE. Perhaps it has a soft Texture, reminds you of a happy memory from when you wore it last, or the person who may have gifted it to you. Perhaps it’s a colour that you love, a vintage item that takes you closer to history, fun shoes that make you smile because of the noise or way they look, a gorgeous hat or headwrap, funky accessories…or perhaps it’s all of the above.

“The point is not to think on the way you LOOK but more on how YOU want to FEEL. How we choose to dress is none of anyone else’s business. Forget trends or the gaze of others, Make Fashion FUN!”

Here’s Karen telling you all about her challenge ‘Wear Your Happy.’
Find the full transcript of the video by clicking here.


Could you draw or design another element that would perfect this outfit? How does this outfit make you feel?


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