Yomi Adegoke's Challenges

Day 27 – Wrapped Up

Today, it’s over to Amanda!

“I’m Amanda White and I have a part time business as a gift wrapper. I love doing anything creative, I love meeting people and I love growing veg ! I’m based in Bristol. You can find lots of inspiration on my Instagram feed and in my IGTVs.”

Due to lockdown I think we’ve all been forced to make do with what’s around us rather than go and buy more. So the eco friendliness really inspires me. I don’t think making wrapping paper is necessarily something people will think of creating and yet it can be simple.”


Design a sheet of wrapping paper! Design it on A4 paper, or any scrap paper you can find – the reverse of old wallpaper works well. You can draw, print or paint, but try to use whatever you have already at home, in your garden or in your kitchen draw. You could add texture by folding or scrunching the paper. 


Could you create a gift to wrap up in your new paper?


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