Yomi Adegoke's Challenges

Day 19 – Homemade Cover Band


It’s Tuesday, and time for some tunes…

“My name is Sophie Wood and I come from South London. I like to run, bake, take care of my houseplants and sing loudly and badly and proudly! Music is really important to me. I want you to be in the shoes of the musicians you admire!”

Create an instrument out of the objects around you! Rubber bands around a cereal box can make a guitar for plucking, a wooden spoon and various Tupperware make an excellent drum kit. A packet of peanuts in a tin can is a maraca!

Then, on your own or with others, see if you can use these instruments to do a cover version of the chorus of your favourite song! You could even try writing a 30 second long song…

What is the last song you listened to, sang or danced to?

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Get your friends and family involved! Share your responses with them and get them involved – it’s never too late to invite them to sign up!