Yomi Adegoke's Challenges

Day 17 – Shift your Perspective

Let’s mix it up! Today, it’s over to Liz Morrison.

“I live in Wales with my family and work with arts organisations and charities to provide marketing support. I am also a published poet. I did a January challenge last year where we had to draw with our left hand and the creative experience really stuck with me.”

Shift your Perspective, and create a different view. Take something you know well or often see – it might be a view, an object in front of you, a familiar hobby or something you can imagine in your mind.

Capture that thing in drawing, writing, or collage – but try to change the view. Turn it upside down or inside out, change the colour, change what it is usually used for, close your eyes or draw with your ‘other hand’ or your feet!

“Be unafraid to shift your perspective, about you, your ability and the world around you.”
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What did you notice from the new angle?

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