Yomi Adegoke's Challenges

Day 16 – Positive Connections


We’re half way through our journey! And today, Angela’s challenge is here to get us thinking about moments in a bigger journey…

Remember: don’t worry if you can’t do the challenges every day, we’ll send you a summary list of ALL of the challenges at the end.

“I am a full time carer from Brighton – who writes a bit on the side! I realise that most of my memorable moments aren’t BIG EVENTS – just very happy, funny times with the people I love. I think/ hope this challenge taps into gratitude… and gratitude is such a positive feeling. If you are feeling good about yourself – it feels easier to launch into something creative I always find.”


Make a list of five good memorable moments in your life.
Think about them. Are they linked in any way? Do they have anything in common? Write down five words which come to you when you look at the list. If you have more time – celebrate the memories in a poem, a doodle, or by telling a friend.

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How will you hold on to that positive connection? What will be your most positive memorable moment from the last year?


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