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Day 14 – Kintsugi


Today’s challenge is from Lucy, 27 from Nottingham. Here’s what Yomi said about Lucy’s challenge!

“This challenge resonated with me the most..and I’m really, really looking forward to doing it. I love the idea of finding uses for things that are apparently broken. I think it’s amazing in terms of sustainability, and I also love the idea that nothing is ever truly worthless.”

Day 14, we’re ready for you…let’s go!


Today’s challenge is inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which centres on the idea that things are made more beautiful by their flaws. Broken pottery pieces are sealed back together with liquid gold, highlighting the ‘scars’ that become a part of the design.

Can you fix or find a new use for something broken to show it is better now than before?

Here is Lucy’s bowl, which she has fixed using superglue. What will you find to fix, or find a new use for today?

A yellow bowl has an large crack in it, that has been obviously sealed with superglue.













The art of Kintsugi is often used as a metaphor for resilience and healing.
What were you thinking about as you were fixing your creation? How did it feel to fix it?


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