The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 7th May – Make A Splash

We’ve heard Cass Art is on a mission. A mission to fill every town with artists by encouraging everyone to realise their creative talents. So this week we are featuring their Make A Splash challenge and together are inviting everyone to pick up a paintbrush! Welcome the spring season with a splash of colour and start experimenting with….
Watercolour! Take part in the #MakeASplash2018 Cass Art Challenge. Paint with watercolour. You can visualise whatever you’d like and can use any watercolour mediums. Realistic, abstract, expressive or minimal? Experiment, be creative and learn as you go. Don’t worry if you don’t have any materials to hand, you could try test out natural colours. How about berries, beetroot, spices, or maybe flowers? 


If you have more time …
Go again, how many paintings can you do? Cass Art are encouraging you to do as much watercolour as you can! Try a new approach this time. Different paints, different colours, a different scene?


How did you find using watercolour? Have you used it much before? What did you paint? Was it realistic or abstract? Why did you choose this approach?



Share your watercolours! Don’t forget to hashtag #64millionartists and share with us on:
t: @64M_Artists
If you’d like to win £100 of Cass Art vouchers post your artwork to your profile before 12th May. Use the hashtag #MAKEASPLASH2018 and tag Cass Art.@CassArt on Twitter or @cassart1984 on Instagram. Tell them why you love working with watercolour in the caption!