The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge 5th November – Walking with Nature


For the next month, we’re going wild! We invite you to take part in a series of creative challenges set by the Bronze Oak Project who use art to bring us closer to nature.

Before starting the month we’d like you to take part in our quiz to find out how much of a nature superhero you are! We’ll also ask you at the end of the challenges and a month after that. Track your journey and share your superpower with others whilst helping us learn more about the role creativity can play in connecting us with our natural world.


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From exploring your leafy surroundings to delving deep into our natural roots, we welcome you and your curious mind to join us on an exciting adventure. So, engage your inner explorer and come and play with us! Our trail begins by asking… What is nature? Where does it live and how can we find it?



Go on a noticing walk. Take a stroll outside and pay attention to the natural world around you. Your attention may at first be drawn to the obvious, but see if you can spot unexpected moments of beauty. Engage all of your senses. What everyday nature can you see, hear or smell? Are there shades of Autumn around you? Perhaps certain shapes, lines and textures draw your eye. Maybe there’s something to touch? Take a breath and enjoy the moment. 

If you have more time … 
Choose a natural object (it could be a tree, a patch of green space or simply the sky) and record how it changes over the week. Does its colour alter or shape shift? Make a record by writing a quick journal entry or sketching what you see.

How did you find the noticing walk? Did it differ from your usual strolls? Did you spot things that have gone unnoticed before? What feelings came up for you and how did you feel about your surroundings?

Share your experience; either in words, or you may like to capture a photo or do a drawing to illustrate what you found. Anything is fine and we’d love to find out what discoveries you made. You can use the hashtag #NatureConnection and #64MillionArtists and share with us on:
t: @64M_Artists

If you complete all four challenges and the quiz, you will be entered into a draw to win a beautiful limited edition bronze acorn kindly gifted to us by the Bronze Oak Project!