The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 5th March – #RebrandingBritishness


Set by Common Vision (an independent not-for-profit think tank), this week’s challenge inspires and opens discussion around identity. Common Vision have recently launched their creative initiative #RebrandingBritishness to crowdsource a new visual identity to celebrate both what is common and what is distinctive between people around the UK. So this week they are inviting you to join in!


Share a photo or picture which says something about what Britishness means to you. How does national identity relate to your everyday life? What are your earliest memories of Britishness? What do you miss when you go abroad? Be thoughtful, creative, serious or humorous. 
This challenge is open to everyone (non-British citizens included). The submitted pictures will then be used to create a series of artworks for an eventual exhibition, and maybe even a TV appearance!


If you have more time … 
Could you create a collage of photos, maybe even a mini exhibition of your own?


Did you find it easy or difficult to think of something British? Did you share the first thing that came to mind? Did this challenge remind you of anything or make you feel any different about Britain/ being British?


Share your photos! If sharing on social media, use the hashtag #RebrandingBritishness & #64MillionArtists. You can find Common Vision on Twitter @commonvisionUK and on and us on:

t: @64M_Artists


Common Vision (CoVi) is a millennial think tank exploring positive ideas for our shared future.