The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 3rd September – Crap Faces


This week’s challenge is for people who tell themselves they cannot draw, or those who can draw but are trapped in one style, or anyone else who wants to play with a paradoxical way of stretching your artistic abilities. It is set by artist Steve Chapman and is inspired by his new book – 100 Crap Faces. We also thought the challenge could act as a reminder that just because it’s the first week back after summer and the beginning of September – we shouldn’t stop having fun! Take the edge off this week and give it a try… (you could also win one of Steve’s books! Read on to learn more).


Draw a series of crap faces! Create a 3 x 3 grid on a piece of paper to create 9 boxes. In each box intentionally draw a crap face, a picture that you do not think is any good. Once you have finished, look back at your pictures and score them. If you really, really don’t like them then mark them as CRAP. If, however, you accidentally draw one that you like, even a little bit, you must mark it as NOT CRAP. Have a go and share!


If you have more time … 
Get at least one other person to mark your faces as CRAP or NOT CRAP and compare their answers.


Was it strange to intentionally draw in this way? Did it help you work differently, maybe with more freedom? What did you notice whilst marking your drawings?


Post your images and your scores to us and Steve @stevexoh on Twitter and Instagram. You can tag us or use #64MillionArtists then be in with a chance at winning Steve’s book 100 Crap Faces as we pull 3 winners out of a hat! Don’t miss out.

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Steve Chapman is an artist who is interested in creativity and the human condition. He is a writer and a speaker and host of a popular blog at