The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 30th July – That which we call a rose…


Last week we saw an amazing display of responses to the first of three Weekly Challenges set by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. With many different representations of Romeo and Juliet, we experienced everything from haikus and scrabble board words to imagined couple Facebook posts and elaborate emoji stories! What a rollercoaster of emotions, so what next? We’d like to think more about the words of Shakespeare. There’s many words and phrases from the playwright that we still use in our everyday language and we hear and see various quotes around us (even on stamps!) so let’s share and celebrate them this week…

Creatively represent a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Recall your favourite quote, explore a new one or choose one from this website for example, then place it with or on a modern-day image. This could be a found image or one of your own. You could experiment by hand or digitally.


If you have more time … 
Create a series of images with varying quotes. How can they work together as a collection? Can you represent ones that encapsulate different moods, themes and emotions from the play?



How does this challenge feel in comparison to last week’s? Did you enjoy looking for a quote? Why do you think you choose this particular one? What’s your interpretation? Could it be relevant to your life today? How easy or hard was it to find an image to go alongside?


Share your quotes with us and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust @ShakespeareBT using the hashtag #GiveaScript. You can also tag #64MillionArtists and share with us on:

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