The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 2nd July – Summer Jam


With the sun streaming through the windows, the smell of suncream filling the air and that all important decision about which ice-cream to choose for the afternoon office treat, we are well and truly on our way into the summer season. There’s just one thing missing … the jump-out-of-bed-and-into-the-day summer playlist. Our friends at New Citizenship Project are all about the feel-good tunes and love nothing more than creating a playlist together that makes them all feel great – and this year’s no exception. So inspired by this we’d like you to…


Create your own playlist. Get together with a group of friends, family or work colleagues and pick 5 songs each that you’d like to contribute. Build a playlist online or create your own mixtape and share it round. How can you embody these long summer days?


If you have more time … 
Theme the playlist. Could you contribute songs from a certain year, a certain mood or could they all be songs that get you out of bed in the morning? (We particularly like this one!)


How did it make you feel to create something with someone? Which was your favourite song (and was it one of yours or a new one?) Can you guess who picked which songs? Did any surprise you or make you think differently about one of your friends/family/colleagues?


Share the playlist with someone else – invite them to listen to your top track and see what they think. You could even ask them to join in. Then share with us and New Citizenship Project on their Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to listen.

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The New Citizenship Project is a social innovation lab, established in 2014 to help catalyse the shift to a more participatory society. Founded by brand purpose experts Jon Alexander and Irene Ekkeshis, they use creative strategy to promote the role of the citizen and encourage better participation in society.