The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 2nd April – Positivity!


Our friends at Creative Tribe @MyCreativeTribe have set this week’s challenge for us… they like nothing better than exploring exhibitions, events, classes and groups in local communities. They also focus on the mindfulness benefits of creativity and encourage everyone to #CreateEveryday.  Their challenge is super simple. Celebrate ‘positivity’ – whatever that means to you


Post a photo, drawing or some text which encapsulates POSITIVITY. You might want to capture something specific which has a positive impact on your life – a friend with a million-dollar smile, perhaps, or a joyful pet. Maybe there’s a particular place that brings out the best in you or some inspiring words that lift your spirits.


If you have more time … 
Write a short description of one thing you are grateful for and one thing you are looking forward to in the future.



How much positivity do you feel you have in your life? How could you increase it and how could you bring good vibes to other people this week?


Show us your responses! We’d love to see your positive outpourings.

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