The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 27th August – We’re all going on a summer holiday ♫


We thought for this week’s challenge we would set an activity here at 64 Million Artists! We’ve been beavering away for most of the summer, developing new projects, nurturing existing ones and generally trying to practice creativity and self care. But in doing so, we almost forgot to book our summer holidays! We therefore have all scrambled to each get a week in the work calendar and now have back-to-back breaks. 64 Million Artists’ holiday starts here (don’t worry there will always be someone in the office to help)! We thought this called for a particular challenge so this week we are inviting you to…


Write a short story about a favourite holiday or seaside memory. Cast your mind back and relive a memorable time or share a recent experience. Where were you? What were you doing and with who? What could you see, smell, touch, taste, hear? Bring the scene to life and take us on a journey with you.


If you have more time … 
Draw the scene to go alongside your short story. Capture the feeling of the moment and see if you can remember any other details to the story by drawing it.
How did it feel to relive your memory? Did you feel nostalgic, rejuvenated, calm, sad? Did it help you reconnect with a place, a person, a feeling?
Share your stories with us and, if you had time, your drawings too.
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