The Weekly Challenge

Weekly challenge, 26th November 2018 – Sounds of Nature

This month, we’re going wild! We invite you to take part in a series of creative challenges set by the Bronze Oak Project who use art to bring us closer to nature.

If you haven’t already started getting wild with us this November, please take part in our quiz to find out how much of a nature superhero you are! We’ll also ask you at the end of the challenges and a month after that. Track your journey and share your superpower with others whilst helping us learn more about the role creativity can play in connecting us with our natural world.

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It’s the last week of our nature November takeover, set by The Bronze Oak Project. So, let’s go out with a bang! Or, a rustle…. This week we would love for you to have a go at capturing the…                                                                                                                                 


Sounds of Nature! What sound encapsulates nature for you? Is it trickling water, birdsong, the pitter patter of rain, a clap of thunder? Maybe it’s simply silence? The sounds of nature are all around us – we challenge you to venture into the great outdoors, and seek those sounds. You could share a recording, or capture the sound through a piece of descriptive writing.

If you have more time … 

You’ve found the sound, now let’s get musical and recreate it! Use the materials you find around you – rummage through your cupboards, or use your body and voice. How closely can you match it, and what ‘instruments’ can you find? If you’re feeling extra creative – create a nature dance or move to accompany your sound…


How did you approach this challenge? How do the sounds of nature make you feel, and do they make you feel different to other sounds? Why did you choose that sound, and does it remind you of a particular place and time? Did you notice sounds you hadn’t noticed previously?


You can share this experience however you would like! Share your recordings, descriptive writing pieces or videos with us, by using the hashtag #NatureConnection and #64MillionArtists on:

t: @64M_Artists
If you complete all four challenges and the quiz, you will be entered into a draw to win a beautiful limited edition bronze acorn kindly gifted to us by the Bronze Oak Project!