The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 26th March – Signs of Spring


Our wonderful colleague Ed Ikin from Wakehurst (wild botanic garden) is with us as part of The Clore Leadership Programme placement and has kindly set this week’s challenge for us… As the clocks go forward and the days get brighter we hope to be seeing a transition of seasons as we move into spring. Respond to your awakening senses and join us in a creative journey this week.

Spot and capture signs of spring. Look out for those tell-tale signs that spring is here. What is flowering around you? What animals/ insects have you noticed emerging? Is there something in the air? Maybe you could take a photo or draw the scene. 


If you have more time … 
Write a descriptive piece of writing to go with your visual response. How can you paint the full picture?


Did you notice anything you hadn’t previously? How did thinking about and seeing signs of spring make you feel? Was it easy or hard to recreate?


Show us your creations! We’d love to see your signs of spring. Share with Ed onTwitter and Instagram (check out Ed’s Instagram either way – it features some beautiful photography).

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