The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 23rd July – Shakespeare Takeover


Over the next 3 weeks we will be having an epic Shakespeare take over! The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust will be setting creative challenges inspired by Threads of the Unsaid, their summer collaboration with award-winning sound and visual artist Thor McIntyre. Together they will be creating an experimental art installation based on Romeo and Juliet, with a twist: this is the story not as Shakespeare penned it, but as it lives on in our hearts and minds. Set within the beautiful grounds of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, visitors are invited to help build a crowd-script of their recollection of Romeo and Juliet by lending their voices and words. To kick off our exciting trio of challenges, we’re starting with the story itself…


Summarise the plot of Romeo and Juliet in a creative way. You could use illustration, collage or maybe even emojis! Don’t worry if you’re unsure or can’t quite remember the whole story, keep it really simple or look up the summary on the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust website to get you started. Have some fun with it!


If you have more time … 
Invite a friend to do a summary and compare and contrast your recollections. How did they relate? How did they differ? What reflections or insights did you make together? Could you combine the two and make a collaborative piece?


Did you feel comfortable or challenged by this week’s activity? What feelings came up for you? Did you know more or less of the plot than you first thought? Did you enjoy the process?


Share your creative summaries with us and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust @ShakespeareBT using the hashtag #GiveaScript. You can also tag #64MillionArtists and share with us on:

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Image credit: Shortology