The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 21st May – #HowFar100


This week we’re inviting you to join a very current debate that celebrates the past whilst encouraging a more positive future. Set by the Young Women’s Trust as part of their #HowFar100 campaign marking the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote, they want to know how you’d shape the future of women’s equality. What else needs to change? Join us in making a plan…


Share a vision for women’s futures. Draw, paint, sculpt, record your response or use creative writing such as poetry or story telling. Ideas for change can range from family life to science to economics to politics. No idea is too big or too small. Men, women, children are all encouraged to share their ideas and get involved! These visions will be collated into a Charter for Change for future equality: a collective of ideas designed to drive action.


If you have more time … 
Start a conversation. Invite 3 friends to share their vision. How do their ideas differ? Could your ideas work together?


How did you feel about this challenge? What thoughts or feelings did it provoke? How did it feel to reflect on the past and then declare your intentions for the future?


Share your ideas! You can do this with the Young Women’s Trust – Tweet @YWTrust or Instagram @youngwomenstrust with your response using the hashtag #HowFar100. You can also submit by emailing or by visiting Share with us too with #64MillionArtists on:

t: @64M_Artists