The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 20th August – A Balancing Act


Over the last few months we have been planning and running the project Creativity in Mind. With research partner UCL, we are exploring the impact of everyday creativity on people experiencing low mood and anxiety. The 30-day programmes will run on WhatsApp with daily creative prompts. These prompts have been developed in 3 workshops over August whereby a group came together with 3 artists, our team and UCL researcher to use their wonderful imagination and lived experienced to brainstorm ideas. For this week’s challenge we’d love to share one of them with you to try…


Build a balance sculpture. Pairing relaxation with patience and intense focus and risk – attempt to mindfully build something by balancing different components. Take it slow and see how far you get. You may have seen this with stone stacking before but feel free to try different materials or techniques. What can you challenge yourself with? What can you build?


If you have more time … 
If you can, get outside to do the activity and notice how nature influences your sculpture.


How did you feel before and after the activity? Did you manage to do the challenge mindfully? If so, did you feel calmer or maybe more focussed and able to concentrate? Did you hold your nerve and practice patience?


Share a picture of your balance sculpture! We’d love to see them.

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