The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 1st October – On the Map


What fun things do you like doing in your local area? How do the people in your community share their skills, passions and stories? How can we highlight and celebrate them whilst encouraging more sharing and exchange? Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign that promotes culture at the heart of community and community at the heart of culture. This weekend (6th/7th Oct) is the weekend of action! Arts, crafts, science, tech, digital, heritage, sport… there are thousands of brilliant FREE events showcasing local skills from people across the UK & beyond. To begin the conversation, to think local and to get creative this week, we are inviting you to…


Draw or create a map of your local area. Include places you like visiting and things you like doing. You could also include the places you’d like to go more often. Is there a new area, activity or group you’d like to explore? You could highlight everything from parks, libraries, cafes to football clubs, community groups and meet ups. Get creative celebrating your home and all it has to offer. This could also be a great opportunity to see what’s missing. Could you possibly get involved with filling a gap?


If you have more time … 
Find your local Fun Palace happening this weekend and see if you could go. If you can’t make it, how could you engage online or find a way to be part of the conversation? If you’re feeling really energised, there is always time to do your own! It doesn’t have to be super shiny, just have a go and see who turns up. There are lots of resources and tools on the Fun Palaces’ website to help.


How often do you interact with your community in a fun way? Would you like to do more? How could getting creative together help you and your area?


Share your map with us! We’d really love to see what is going on in your community. If you’re planning to go to a Fun Palace share your experience too @funpalaces with #FunPalaces.

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