The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 19th March – Guardian Angel


Last month we introduced the #Angel20 programme in partnership with Gateshead Council’s Culture Team and saw such brilliant Angel of the North birthday cards that contributed to a fantastic 20th celebration. Moving into this month’s challenge, we’d like you to think about the Angel of the North as a symbol and focus of hope and protection, considering its grandeur and omnipresence. We’d like these thoughts to inspire you to…


Write a poem about a guardian angel or your angel. What or who gives you comfort and guidance? Maybe protection and optimism too. This could be a family member, a friend or it could be a spiritual being. It could also be more of a symbol, an object or a thought/memory – whatever you’d like to focus on this week.


If you have more time … 
Draw a representation of your angel to go alongside your poem. This could be an angel as we know it or more of an abstract response.


How did writing about your angel make you feel? What did you reflect on? Did it remind you of anything?


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