The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 19th February – Find the Light


We’re sure you’ll be happy to see our mornings and evenings get brighter and to experience those fleeting moments of sunshine as we move more towards spring. As this light enters into our lives this week, we want you to consider the things that get in the way. What’s blocking the light and what’s created because of that?


Take a photo of a shadow. Find your light – either natural or artificial and see what shadows are around. What interesting shapes, angles, textures can you spot? You can actively look or just see if something catches your eye.


If you have more time …
Try taking a photo of the same shadow from different angles or, if you can revisit your shadow, take again at a different time of day.


How did you come across your shadow? Was it easy to capture? Did you notice anything you wouldn’t normally by looking more closely?


Share your shadow with us! It could be a picture or you could replicate in a drawing. If sharing on social media hashtag #64MillionArtists and share with us on:

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