The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 18th June – #MakeMusicDay


Music is all around us. Sometimes we hear it, sometimes we feel it, sometimes it can change our lives. It can also be a huge part of expressing our creativity. So, what if there were a day dedicated to it? And not only dedicated to music but dedicated to you making music!? #MakeMusicDay is an annual set of free music events taking place on the 21st June in venues and public spaces across the globe. It’s a worldwide celebration of music performed by anyone, enjoyed by everyone. You could even put on your own event! But for now, we’re warming up by inviting you to..


Find creative ways to make a rendition of your favourite song. Using the chorus or primary melody, see if you can make it recognisable to someone else but with a creative twist! You could find inspiration in your kitchen… pots, pans, cutlery? Maybe you could limit yourself to things on your desk? Or keep it simple with a hum or a whistle. Try out something new and see how it sounds.


If you have more time … 
Try and make a simple instrument to play your tune. A guitar out of a cereal box? A shaker with a bottle and rice?


How did you feel before and after this challenge? Where did you find inspiration? Did anyone else hear your song? What did they think?


Please share your renditions with us. We can attempt to guess the song too! You can do this with Make Music Day on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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