The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 17th September – Friendly Fashion


We wish people got as excited about innovations in fashion as they do with new iPhones because it’s exciting, dressing the future. A bold statement to start the week from RE-VISION, an independent magazine challenging the way sustainability is communicated by simply curating and showcasing the best designers, artists and thinkers leading the way. They want to show how un-cool fast fashion really is, and to do this, present you with an alternative. So this week we’re inviting you to start by creating your own alternative at home. How can we use what we already have to disrupt the disposable fashion loop? How can we reconnect with the natural world to encourage us to think about our impact on it?


There are plenty of natural dyes in your food cupboards. Have a root around and see what colours you can create. You could re-vamp an existing piece of clothing or test it out on spare fabric or a tea-towel to start. Berries, beetroot, spices, coffee? Maybe you could even take to the garden. Get creative and share your results.


If you have more time … 
Try to create the colours of the rainbow. What different shades can you make? Experiment with nature.


Were you surprised at what you could make with what you already had? Could it inspire some more creativity with your clothes? Could you find out more about your impact on the environment and try make a change?


Share your colours and creations! You can do this with RE-VISION on Instagram@revisionmagazine and with us #64MillionArtists on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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