The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge – 17th December- Santa’s Litter Helpers

‘Tis the season of giving…and of recycling our waste! This week’s challenge has been set by The Little Litter Pickers– a community awareness group that aims to reduce the negative impact that plastic and litter has on our planet and oceans. Shocked by the amount of litter they saw everywhere, they have turned their hobby into a lifestyle and encourage others to join them in their quest to think about what they consume, use less plastic and recycle more. They run a colourful social media campaign that highlights litter picking as fun, great for the environment, therapeutic and good exercise. This week’s challenge is a reflection of their creativity and passion for all things recycled! They challenge you to…

Create a festive decoration out of litter! Grab some gloves, a bag and a walking companion – and go on a litter picking quest in your local area. Clean and use what you can to make a decoration of your choice! Could you make a bauble, a wreath, an ornament, a festive collage or even a card?! Use what’s in your own recycling bin to help you. It’s over to you – can you turn litter into something magical?

If you have more time … 

If everybody picked a bag of litter every day – imagine the difference we could make on a larger scale. Can you keep your litter picking lens on for the week? Carry some gloves and a bag with you, and see how many bags you manage to collect this week! Can you make a litter collage, or a bigger piece of litter art?


How was your experience of this week’s challenge? Did you notice anything about your local area? What can you do to think about what you consume, try to use less plastic and recycle more? What else could you ‘upcycle’?


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