The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 16th July – Don’t Worry


This week’s challenge was suggested to us by CoolTan Arts, an award winning arts in mental health charity run by and for adults with experience of mental health conditions. Inspiring positive mental health and wellbeing through the arts, they’re interested in ways to creatively support people to feel good and this activity does just that. Think of a trustworthy “listener”, “allayer” and “contact person”, someone very small that, as the story goes, can go under your pillow at night and take all of your worries away. They originate from Guatemala and are also found in Mexico. Can you guess?


Make your own Worry Doll. Before going to bed, tell a worry to the doll, then place it beneath your pillow. You can make the doll however you like – it may be easiest to start with a simple body/stickman or woman structure (using pipe cleaners, string, wire – whatever you have to hand) and then wrap and tie different pieces of fabric or thread around it. You could even start with that top you’ve been wanting to upcycle or repurpose. Use up your spare fabric. Maybe even give it hair! For inspiration, see CoolTan Arts’ How-To page here.


If you have more time … 
Make varying dolls and give one to someone you know that has been worrying lately and explain the concept to them. Invite them to have a go and pop it under their pillow.


Had you already heard of worry dolls or were they new to you? What was your initial reaction? Did you try putting it under your pillow? How did you feel in the morning?


We’d love to see a picture of your dolls or hear how the challenge made you feel. Share with CoolTan Arts on social media and us with #64millionartists on:

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