The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 16th April – Legendary Landmarks


It’s that wonderful time again, it’s time for Gateshead Council’s monthly creative challenge! As we launched the challenges this year, we also introduced the #Angel20 programme and since then we’ve seen fabulous Angel of the North birthday cards (celebrating 20 years) and many moving guardian angel poems. Each activity has provoked us to reflect on the sculpture in different ways. This week we want to take a step back and ask what makes the Angel of the North one of the most recognisable landmarks in Britain? What makes it so iconic? Will we still be talking about it for years to come? Considering these questions and more broadly the UK and our notable sites…


Make a model of a landmark. It could be a local landmark, your favourite or the one you think is most recognisable. Is it a castle, a tower, a statue or a building? How historic is it? What makes it special? Display this in your model. You could make it from recycling, paper or anything you can find at home or work. Don’t worry about making it too elaborate or detailed – just have some fun this week.


If you have more time … 
Learn a new fact about your landmark and share it along with your model. Are there any hidden secrets you can reveal or maybe an obscure tale that has never been told?


What landmark first came to mind after reading this challenge? Did you notice anything new about the landmark? Do you want to visit in the future?


Share your landmark models with us and the team at Gateshead Council on Twitter and Facebook. You can tag #64MillionArtists and #Angel20 and share with us on:
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