The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 13th August – A Moment in Time


As we return to the monthly challenge of Gateshead Council’s Culture team, we remind ourselves of the Angel of the North #Angel20 celebration and re-engage with the statue as a cornerstone of the city and landscape. For all it represents from the past and for the future, the meaning transcends its physical presence. As with this special landmark, statues allow us to capture and celebrate a time in history and solidify the moment and meaning to be enjoyed for years to come. Considering this beauty and importance, together we are inviting you to answer this question…


Who or what would you make a statue of? What moment in time or person in history would you like to celebrate and/or preserve? Draw, make, create your statue or work with a photo. Where would it be? How big or small would it be? What would you cast it out of? Imagine the statue standing tall and share your narrative with us.


If you have more time … 
Write the title or opening paragraph of the news article that announces your new statue to the locals. What do the community think? How has it been received? How does it fit within the landscape and wider feel of the place?


What thoughts or memories came up for you as part of this challenge? How did it feel to celebrate or preserve your person, feeling, moment or action and share with others?


Show us your statues! Share with us and with the team at Gateshead Council on Twitter and Facebook. You can tag #64MillionArtists and #Angel20 and share with us on:

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