The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 12th March – Your Online Self


In the past we’ve prompted you to creatively self reflect in the real world but we’ve never asked you to reflect in the online world… who are you online? What do you share about yourself, maybe on social media or the world wide web? Sounds pretty abstract, right? That’s why for this week’s guest challenge CitizenMe, the creators of the personal data app, are here to help. They’d like you to…


Draw your online self. Think about your life online… are you chatty on social media or more of an observer? Do you share a lot or a little on the web? All of your online data adds up to make a virtual image of you that people and organisations can look at online. What do you think they see when looking at you and your life online? You can be as realistic, abstract, fun or serious as you like.

If you’d first like to find out more about what your data can say about you, consider downloading the free CitizenMe app on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.


If you have more time … 
Now draw your real self and compare. What are the similarities and the differences?


In what ways were you challenged this week by the activity? Was it difficult to imagine? Has this made you think or feel any different towards your online self?


Show us your drawings! Share your interpretation on social media using #64MillionArtists with CitizenMe onTwitterFacebook and Instagram and with us on:

t: @64M_Artists


CitizenMe say for all its perks, being a citizen of the internet demands a lot from your privacy. You’re asked to share your information countless times a day, so isn’t it time you asked for something in return? Their app allows you to collect your data and get insights about yourself, swap data for cash, donate data to charity and more!