The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 11th June – Spread Your Wings


In collaboration with Gateshead Council’s Culture team, this year we are dedicating a challenge a month to #Angel20, the Angel of the North’s 20th birthday celebration. There is a year long programme of brilliant local events and activities but we want to extend the fun to the rest of the country! It seems only right as one of the most talked about and recognised pieces of public art in the UK. This month we’re focussing on the most recognisable feature, the part that makes it overwhelmingly grand and monumental, the aspect that truly makes it the Angel of the North…


Design your wings. Draw or make something with wings. Is it an insect or animal? A new invention? An imaginary creature? Or maybe something more abstract…Look up, look down, look sideways – where can you find inspiration this week? Remember not to spend longer than 10 minutes on it, just have some fun!


If you have more time … 
If you’ve drawn your wings, try making them 3D with whatever you have to hand. If you’ve made them, do a drawing! How can you present your wings in different ways?


Did your idea come to you straight away or did you ponder on it? Did you create something real or imaginary? Why do you think that was? Where did you find your inspiration?


We’d like to see your creations! Share with us and with the team at Gateshead Council on Twitter and Facebook. You can tag #64MillionArtists and #Angel20 and share with us on:

t: @64M_Artists