The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 10th September – An Act of…


Welcome back to Gateshead’s monthly Challenge set by the Council’s Culture team. This will be our 8th challenge of the year dedicated to the Angel of the North as part of the #Angel20 celebration! Over this time we’ve explored its stature, its reputation, and even its secrets buried deep… So what could we possibly do next? This week we’re inviting you to come above ground, look up and out and reflect. What great things does the Angel of the North do for the UK, for Gateshead and the landscape, for the people who pass by it every day? Use this to inspire your thinking in answering this…


What would be your guardian angel act? What change or positive action could you influence? It could be on a huge scale or a tiny one, in the world, in your community or even just in your day. Engage your inner do-gooder and think about what you might do. Reflect and share in a creative way.


If you have more time … 
Is there a way of doing your act in real life? If it’s something huge, what small action can you take towards it? If it’s tiny, try address the barriers stopping you and give it a go.


Was it interesting to think of your act? Did it come to you immediately or take some time? What did the challenge reveal about yourself? 


Share your act in a creative way. You can do so with us and with the team at Gateshead Council on Twitter and Facebook. Tag #64MillionArtists and #Angel20 and share with us on:

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