The Weekly Challenge

#TheWeeklyChallenge, 1st November 2021 – Design Your Own Challenge

This week’s challenge is a little different…..The January Challenge is almost here. 


The January Challenge is 31 days of fun, quick and free creative challenges to kickstart your year. All of the challenges are set by creative people across the UK, like…you!

Like The Weekly Challenge you receive each week, all The January Challenges are playful and accessible prompts to inspire creative action. 

This year, there will be three themes to choose from! Each theme features 31 challenges, a creative prompt for each day of January. 


We are Human – 31 challenges to explore the senses, the natural world and what makes us human.

We are Culture – 31 challenges to explore our identities, cultures and communities. 

We are Connected – 31 challenges to explore what happens when we create together.


Sign Up to take part in The January Challenge here.


Challenges will be set by all sorts of creative people from musicians, chefs, sports stars, authors and you! Over the next couple of weeks we will be announcing some exciting news about whose ideas you might expect to find in the line up. Until then – make sure your idea is in the mix…



Create and submit your own challenge idea


Here are some top tips on how to… 


  • Choose a theme

Think about why you have chosen this theme and the reason it resonates with you. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this theme? 

Choose a word, object, feeling or memory that it brings up for you. 

Write down all the things or words that come up for you. Don’t think too much, see what flows onto the paper!


  • What would you like participants to do?


Your challenge idea could get people doing anything from dancing to building to writing. 

How do you like to channel your creativity? Think about your chosen word. What sort of creative acts might link to your word? What does that word, object, feeling or memory inspire you to ‘do’?


  • What would you like participants to be thinking about?

What conversations do you want to inspire with your challenge?

How might your challenge get participants taking part in your conversation?

What do you want the people doing your challenge to think or feel?


No idea is too big, too small, or too in between. Write down any ideas that come to your mind, and see how they develop throughout the day. What happens when you tell somebody else your challenge idea? Or give it a go yourself..?



Do you have more than one idea? Submit another challenge! 



Can you do this challenge in 5-10 minutes?

Is everybody likely to have, or be able to find the materials to try this challenge?

Is this challenge accessible to everybody taking part? Consider time, space, money and mobility.

What do I want the people doing your challenge to think or feel?



Spread the word – invite your friends, family or the people you work with to have a go. Anybody can set a challenge!  Share the sign up link 


Submit your ideas here by Monday 15th November.