The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 9th September 2019 – In Mi Own Skin

This week’s challenge is set by Miacah, the founder of ‘In Mi Own Skin’ – helping people to look and feel great by bringing substance to style. Miacah helps people feel comfortable, confident and empowered regardless of shape, size or budget, and works to transform negative perceptions we might have of ourselves into positive mindsets and outlooks. Positive foot forward! This week’s challenge is all about being intentionally positive with our thoughts, and embracing what makes us all individual.

This is a three step challenge:

1: Write down all the good stuff that makes you, you. It can be anything from the way you love your hair, to the way you love your friends. Do you have a particular talent? Can you cook a great spag bol? Explore everything from your body shape to your personality. Get it all down – there are a million tiny things that make you a (fabulous) individual.

2: Collect these positive things and put them in a jar or box. Start every day this week by taking one of your positive thoughts out of the jar, and holding onto it. How does that thought affect your day? How could you express it in your actions?

3: Get creative! Use all of that positivity to create a mini masterpiece of individuality. You could create your own personal set of affirmations, a self portrait, a vision board. The choice is yours!

Miacah will be launching a Personal Styling company to empower people through individual style on September 17th. Follow her journey here, and by following her on Instagram.

If you have more time …
Spread the love! Celebrate a family member, friend, colleague at work – if you are feeling brave, compliment someone on the tube or bus. How does celebrating others make you feel?

In Mi Own Skin works to help people feel comfortable, confident and empowered. When do you feel your best? How could you keep the positivity going?

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