The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 9th December 2019 – Creative Commute

It can often feel like the routines and schedules of daily life leave little time in the day to enjoy our creativity. This week’s challenge from creativity champion, wellbeing advocate and “recovering perfectionist” Annette French reminds us that we can celebrate our creativity in all sorts of ways, and in all sorts of spaces.

How could you make a journey that you make regularly more creative? Whether you are travelling to the shops, to school or to work – how can you make your journey from A to B an adventure? Could you read a book, describe your journey in emojis, make pavement pictures, do a silly walk? Could you invent a brand new means of travel? Could you sketch the people around you? Shake up your routine and enjoy your creativity on route! 

If you have more time … 
Make a playlist for your journey or a soundscape recording of what you hear.


How could you make your journey different each time? How could you make it quicker/slower? Where would you go if you could choose?
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