The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 8th November 2021 – #KindnessByPost

This Saturday 13th November is World Kindness Day!  To celebrate, 64 Million Artists has partnered with Mental Health Collective, coordinators of the UK’s leading random act of kindness exchange, #KindnessByPost.  This week’s challenge is coming to you from Amy, Mental Health Collective’s Director, Amy and Cal, their Communications Manager.


Mental Health Collective’s #KindnessByPost project is like a great big secret santa for random acts of kindness. Across the UK, members of the public sign up to send a card or letter with a message of goodwill to someone they don’t know, and are allocated a person to send a card or letter to them. Mark World Kindness Day by registering for free for the Christmas #KindnessByPost exchange!

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“When people feel like they are falling apart  they often think they are alone. Mental Health Collective works to find new ways of coming together.  Together, we spark new, creative and effective approaches for connecting with one another and reminding ourselves that we’re not on our own in the world.

We’d love to welcome you to be part of our flagship project,#KindnessByPost!”



Visit the #KindnessByPost website and sign up for free to take part in the Christmas #KindnessByPost exchange. 

Take the time to make a card with a message of goodwill to a stranger.  What emotions would you like to make someone feel through this random act of kindness?  What change would you like to make?

Capture how it felt to reach out to someone else with kindness in any creative way you like.


If you have more time…

Check out this inspiration pack to get ideas for what to send in your #KindnessByPost card, or check out some examples on Instagram.  It’s all about sending your best wishes – that is, your hopes that good things are going to happen for other people.

Think about what you will send for your own #KindnessByPost card!



What is the message of kindness that you need receive yourself right now?  Could you incorporate it into the message you send to someone else?


Spread the word about this movement for connection and hope.  Do you have two or three people in your life who you think might enjoy sending and receiving random acts of kindness this Christmas time?  Share the link to the #KindnessByPost website and invite your friends and family to join in too!

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