The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 8th March 2021 – Create and Celebrate

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, and this week we are celebrating with Black Blossoms!

Founded by curator and educator Bolanle Tajudeen in 2015, Black Blossoms has been supporting and highlighting Black Women Artists through an interactive public program featuring exhibitions, panels and screenings throughout the UK.

In this week’s challenge Black Blossoms spotlights the beautiful work of two Black women artists, Sharon Walters and Funmi Lijadu, who use the medium of collage! Let’s get inspired….


Celebrate a woman that you admire through the medium of collage!

It could be someone you know or someone you don’t know, a family member, a public figure or a fictional character. Use any materials you have around you!

Your collage could be a portrait of them or an image that represents their impact on you. Experiment with layering – paper, fabric, drawing, painting, their words, your words, and thoughts or snippets of conversation that tell their story

Sunkissed by Sharon Walters,

This work featuring Bridget Boakye, is from the ‘Seeing Ourselves’ series.

“The collection celebrates black womxn and explores identity, Afro hair and representation. As an artist and educator interested in voices who are often unheard in the mainstream, I continue to collaborate with individuals and organisations to create spaces for us to be seen and heard. Each piece is a reaffirmation of the right to ‘take up space’ even when you don’t see yourself in certain settings.”

The Mask – Maya Angelou by Funmi Lijadu 

By cutting and pasting Funmi Lijadu seeks to create landscapes and images that reimagine black futures. She sees collage as a medium for social imagination and transformation.

If you have more time…

Create more than one collage and celebrate more women!
If you made a collage about someone you know you could send it to them as a gift.


Why and how has the woman you have chosen to celebrate inspired you?
Who do you think inspired them to be the person they are or were?


Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!

Share your responses on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the tags 

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In 2020, Black Blossoms established Black Blossoms School of Art & Culture to expand critical and diverse thought that will decolonise and disrupt euro-centric art and creative education. To find out more about Black Blossoms and the short courses and masterclasses they run, head to their website here!

Discover more work from Sharon Walters here, and more from Funmi Lijadu here!