The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 8th February – A Natural Place

This week we are getting creative with the artist Mark Noble! 

“I am a creative practitioner from beautiful Somerset in a street not far from the famous Glastonbury Tor. I am myself 55 years old and I am severely dyslexic and also autistic. I think art can play a very important role in mindfulness, wellbeing and mental health, art has so many benefits.

As an artist I try to be environmentally friendly, so I use recycled materials in my work. I paint on surfaces such as old table tops, concrete slabs, tiles and tree bark.

My main aims are: a) to encourage people to take an interest in the natural world and respect the environment and b) to inspire budding artists to get out there and use whatever materials they can find to make a statement!”

Mark also runs teaching and mentoring sessions – head to his website for more information and to check out his artwork – here!

Let’s get inspired and create a mindful masterpiece…


Create an image of a landscape using natural or recycled materials! 
It could be your favourite place, somewhere you have visited in the past or somewhere you would like to visit in the future.

You could use materials from outside, like leaves or sticks, or items you would put in the recycling bin like foil or cardboard, maybe it could be a mixture of both!


‘Night Fishing’ by Mark Noble – created on an old coffee table top!


If you have more time..

What are the sounds, smells, textures or tastes you associate with the place you have chosen?

Can you recreate any of these elements in your landscape through your choice of materials?


Think about the life cycle and environmental impact of the materials you are using. Can they biodegrade? How can they be recycled?


Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!
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Find out more about Mark Noble’s work on his Website and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!