The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 7th June 2021 – #WEURO2022

64 Million Artists have been working with UEFA, and with young players and fans around the country, to plan the way we should celebrate the UEFA Women’s EUROs 2022! 

Now – it’s your turn. Let’s kickstart this week with a football challenge.

In July 2022, England will host 16 teams for the UEFA Women’s EURO finals. One of the biggest women’s sports events in Europe, the tournament will see 31 matches played across 9 host cities throughout the country.

We are excited to bring you this challenge, as your responses will inspire and inform the way the host cities celebrate the tournament!

Whether you’re a football fan or not, this challenge is about getting creative through storytelling. Let’s play…



A football badge tells the story of its club. Design a badge that tells the story of YOU. 

You could draw, paint, collage or take photographs to create your badge. What shapes, colours, objects or symbols will you choose for your badge? What are the stories that they tell?

Maybe you take inspiration from the football crest of the club you support, which might include symbols of location, heritage or strengths. Find inspiration here. What do you want to represent with your badge?

If you have more time…

If you were to start your own football club with the badge you have created, what would your team be called? Does the name reference some of the elements in your badge?


Think about the relationship between creativity & sport.
How do you think different creative skills can be applied in the game of football?


Your responses will be used to inform and inspire the way we celebrate in 2022!

Share your creations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #WEURO2022 for a chance to win a UEFA Women’s EURO trophy visit or two tickets to a group stage game.

Deadline: 11 July 11.59pm BST | Read the Terms and Conditions HERE