The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 6th May 2019 – An Eye for Detail

April was #AutismAwarenessMonth and this week’s Challenge is designed to keep the conversation going and growing. DreamBox Education works to celebrate the potential and ability of autistic individuals by empowering them and their support networks; parents, carers, teachers and support workers through creating accessible and stimulating environments for creative conversation and tools. DreamBox Education have set this week’s Challenge with the aim to get creative and get talking!

The butterfly detail in the DreamBox Education logo symbolises transformation, and recognises that a supportive network celebrates ability and enables growth. Many autistic children and adults have a great eye for detail, which can help with problem solving and finding solutions. For example, developmental psychologist Uta Frith found that many autistic children are exceptionally good at finding Wally from the Where’s Wally? picture books quickly! Inspired by this, DreamBox Education challenge us to find the beauty in the detail – focus on a particular bit of the ‘bigger picture’ and get creative.

Get creative with the small detail of a larger object. You could take a photograph, do a sketch, write a poem, focussing in on something that catches your attention. You could choose the button on a pair of trousers, the lock in a door, a single petal, a rain drop, an eye…how does the detail inform the bigger picture? How could you make that tiny detail tell a story of its own?

If you have more time …
Where’s the butterfly? Could you create a piece of art that hides the DreamBox butterfly in it? Challenge others to find the butterfly.

How could you keep the #AutismAwareness conversation going? Contact Tasha at DreamBox Education How did you find this Challenge? Did you find beauty in the detail?

Share you work with the DreamBox team, and thousands of other Challengers across the country using #DreamBoxAdventurers and #64MillionArtists.

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