The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 6th July 2020

Today’s challenge is from the team at Safe Ground. Safe Ground is a charity that challenges people to do relationships differently. They work in community and prison settings, using arts-based practice, drama, dialogue, and debate to enhance empathy and encourage expression, developing self-awareness and promoting social justice.

This Story Map has been developed using the concept of the ‘Hero’s Journey’. If you want to read more about this, you can do so here.

Use the Story Map to write your own short story. Start at Checkpoint One and use the prompts at each of the following Checkpoints to develop your story. When you reach the ‘X’ at Checkpoint Twelve, you will have created a structure for your own story. To see the instructions in larger print click here and here

If you have more time … 
Find a creative way to present your story. You could write it out, or perhaps you could take a series of photos, create a comic strip, turn it into a song? Perhaps you could film a stop motion animation, write a play or draw your story…Think 

How did you find this challenge? Are you pleased with your story? Did it take any unexpected turns?
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