The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 6th April 2020 – Let it Flow

This week’s challenge is set by Kate from Stourbridge, who creates art inspired by the cosmos. Inspired by the colours, shapes and patterns in the sky, Kate invites you to let it flow, and see what appears!

Get creative with water and colours. Wet some paper, and dab on your colour – you could use paint, ink, coffee, make-up, food dye – any thing you have to hand.  Let the colours flow. What shapes and new colours can you see? You could add on detail to your creation, or simply enjoy the patterns that emerge. 

Here is one of Kate’s flowing creations!

If you have more time … 
Try using different methods to dab on your colour. Could you use your fingers, a tissue, sponge? Could you ‘splat’ the colour on with an old toothbrush or paintbrush?


How did it feel to let the colour do the work? What could you do with your creation?
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