The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 5th July 2021 – At Home

In 2025, Rotherham will be the world’s first Children’s Capital of Culture! Over the past 2 years 64 Million Artists have been working with Rotherham Council, local partners and children and young people across Rotherham to design exciting events and celebrations to get ready – starting now!

We are looking for a Young Photographer and Young Videographer to document the next 12 months of creative action. You don’t need to have any qualifications or equipment – you just need to be 18-25, live in Rotherham, and have a passion for photography or film. 


To apply – enter our Photography and Film competition! Help us spread the word – do you know any young people in Rotherham? 

Read more about the competition here and share with someone you know!


This week we’ve taken inspiration from this exciting opportunity, and we’re exploring what home means to us…


Capture what ‘Home’ means to you. Is it a place – somewhere you are now or somewhere attached to a memory? Maybe it’s not a place, but a person, sound, smell or taste – that no matter where you are, brings a sense of comfort. 

How will you visualise the feeling of home? You could take a photograph, do a drawing, write a story or film a short video. 


If you have more time…

How many ways can you interpret the feeling of home? 

Maybe you re-create the taste of home by cooking your favourite meal, or you celebrate a person that makes you feel at home by creating a gift for them!



What emotions do you feel when you think of ‘home’? 



Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!

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