The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 5th April 2021 – Making Moves

This week’s challenge is from dance duo Back2Basix. Run by twin sisters from Spain, Leah & Marta, Back2Basix tell stories through dance, movement and words.

They challenge us to explore our creativity through movement. Express yourself!

“Our drive is to inspire play and awaken thought and reflection, and create work that stems from knowing there are endless possibilities”


Pick a word that inspires you, e.g. empowerment, and then choose a part of your body, it could be the elbow, head, hip, knee…anything.

Play some music to get you moving. Visualise your word in big bold letters in front of you and aim to draw it with the part of the body you chose. Or you could illustrate your word, experimenting with any materials you have around you, and see what shapes and patterns you create in response to the music.

You could get a phone or a device you can record yourself with, so you can then see the routine you created. Be as fancy and bold as you wish and have fun whilst doing it – all styles of movement are welcome!

Watch the challenge in action by Back2Basix here!

If you have more time…

Try the challenge with different words and different parts of your body.
How can you explore your balance, coordination and creativity?


Think about the space you are creating movement in.
Could you incorporate this into your routine?
Why not try your movement while travelling forward across your room, or turning in a circle? Make your room your stage.


Share your dance with your friends if you like. You could also try the challenge with someone you know!

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Back2Basix work on dance videos, performance, choreography and movement direction.They also run workshops for students of all levels and backgrounds. Find out more about their work on their website here.