The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 4th March 2019 – BookFace

The readers, writers, storytellers and book lovers amongst us, get ready – Thursday 7th March is World Book Day! In true celebration of the joy of books, this week’s challenge is set by Guille- Allès Library, the only public library for Guernsey, and a hub for culture, learning and community life. Established in 1888 by founders Thomas Guille and Frederick Allès, they have been serving the island ever since, inviting visitors to open the door to their imagination and step into the world inside a book. This week we ignore all good advice, and judge a book by it’s cover…let’s have some fun!
Get creative with a cover! Choose a book, and find or create a background that completes the cover image. Use a person, animal, place or object to create your picture – does it suit the book or change the meaning entirely? There are several examples from the library team here to get you inspired…over to you, Challengers!

If you have more time …
Create your own book cover for a story you would love to tell! What’s the title? What images would you use? Can you write up the blurb?

What is your favourite book memory and why? What sort of stories do you like to hear, read or tell? How did your BookFace turn out? Did it change the meaning or suit the story?

We would love to see your BookFace! Share your creative endeavours with us, the Guille-Allès Library team and thousands of Challengers across the country using #BookFace #64MillionArtists #GYLibrary.

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