The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge – 4th February 2019, Weekly Wigs!

Today is World Cancer Day, and the perfect day to introduce you to Hana. Hana Wilde is a visual artist based in Scotland. She uses craft techniques and humour to explore our relationships to our environment and each other. When her mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2016, she used her work to support her in a truly creative way.’Weekly Wigs’ began as a personal project, and blossomed into an inspiring social media awareness-raising campaign. Every week, Hana created a new wig inspired by her surroundings, and encouraged others to do the same. The results were fantastic (see some highlights below)! Take a look at Hana’s website here, to see more amazing wig endeavours and more about Hana’s work. Breast Cancer Care also wrote a blog about the campaign, which you can find here.

Create a wig out of whatever you can find! Have a look around. That old jigsaw with half the pieces missing? The packing peanuts about to be thrown out at work? The world is your oyster – or rather, your wig. Now that something has caught your eye, how can you (safely!) turn it into a wig? Can you knot it, glue it, wire it, sew it, staple it or tie it together? What hairstyles can you make? One of Hana’s favourite tricks is to take strips of cardboard from an old cereal box, staple them into a rough helmet shape, and attach any materials to the cardboard helmet. You could also use an old hat, shower cap, or hair-net as a base! You’d be surprised what you can get on your head if you try…

If you have more time … 
Get someone to take a picture of you – can you find a good place to pose that suits your wig creation?Think 

On World Cancer Day, this challenge is one of many ways to support those undergoing cancer treatment or support loved ones through the universality of humour, creativity and art. How do you use creativity to explore, reflect and connect with others?
We would love to see your creative endeavours! Share with Hana, the 64 Million Artists team and thousands of other Weekly Challengers using #weeklywigs and #64MillionArtists.
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