The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 30th September 2019

Eastside are an arts education charity working to develop creative thinking with young people. ‘I know I wish I will’ is a national spoken word poetry competition for 5-25 year olds, ending in a 25-hour spoken word marathon in London’s West End (phew!). To celebrate National Poetry Day on the 4th October, Eastside invite you to make your voice heard, and give poetry a go.

Write your own poem in response to the theme I know I wish I will. 

What do you KNOW about yourself and the world around you?

What do you WISH was different? 

What you WILL do to make a change?

Check out the Eastside website for all sorts of tips on how to get started writing, and performing your spoken word. 

If you are 25 years or under, enter your spoken word poetry into the free competition to be in with the chance to perform in London’s West End (deadline for submissions is  20th December 2019, 12pm).

If you have more time … 
Perform your poem and film yourself. You may want to consider physicality, voice and rhythm, by watching the videos featuring professional spoken word poets here.

Reflect on your process of writing – what did it make you think about? Did your subject come quickly, or did you take some time to choose?  Can you think of a poem which made a stand about something, or made you think about things differently?

There are a variety of ways you can share your spoken word poetry. Please note that if you are entering the competition, poems must be your own original work and please ensure that you use language that’s kind to others & respects differences.

To share your challenge, post an image of your poem, video or audio copy online. Find Eastside on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and hashtag #KnowWishWill #poetry #MyJourneyToWestEnd

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