The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 30th November 2020 – Stories and Supper

Stories & Supper is a project based in East London, which aims to challenge the myths surrounding the migration crisis. Refugees, migrants and local volunteers work in partnership to produce great food and inspiring stories. Since they started, they’ve been joined by a huge number of participants, volunteers, supporters, chefs, musicians and of course enthusiastic diners.

So, this week’s challenge is all about….food!

Sometimes the smells and taste of food can remind us of stories, places and people. Can you think of a meal or snack that reminds you of home, or of a time that you remember fondly?  

Capture this meal in a creative way. You could write up the recipe and illustrate it, you could cook the meal and photograph it – or share the recipe with a friend. You could even try and recreate the meal with just five ingredients from your kitchen, experiment with flavours and come up with your own version.

“This is a book of recipes that speak of home, of family and friends near and far. Recipes that conjure up memories of childhood, of special feasts and everyday meals.But it is more than a recipe book. It is a book of migration stories. Stories of difficult journeys and new beginnings. Stories that contribute to an alternative narrative about migration and inhospitable times. It is also a book about community. About a group of refugees, recent and long-term migrants and local residents in a corner of East London, who together make up Stories & Supper.”

Buy the Stories and Supper recipe book here.
100% of profits go towards supporting their work!

If you have more time … 
Tell your story! Stories and Supper celebrate great food and inspiring stories – what story does your chosen food remind you of? How does this meal help to capture you or tell your story?


At the Stories and Supper supper club events, members come together to tell stories, learn new skills, laugh, and of course eat! What is your favourite food moment? What skills have you learnt by making your favourite meals – or watching someone else make them!
Once you’ve captured your meal and if you’d like to share it, think about who you could share your story, and your supper with? Perhaps a friend or family member. Or you could keep it for you!

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