The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 30th August 2021 – Become a Performer

This week’s challenge is brought to you by Theo Ioannou, a community artist, poet, theatre-maker and producer. Theo works with refugees and migrants and is a founding member of COVert Arts, a Coventry-based, grassroots artists collective that addresses the needs of local communities that have traditionally been barred from the arts.  

Theo was part of the first cohort of the Community Connectors programme, co-produced by 64 Million Artists for Coventry UK City of Culture 2021. Through the programme, community champions with a passion for making positive change in their local area, receive resources, training and support to bring their ideas to life.

Are you community champion based in Coventry? Or do you know someone who is? Applications for the second round of the programme are open! Apply by Friday 1st October.


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Find a piece of writing you love. Perhaps it’s something you’ve written that you would love to share with others. Or it could be a poem or an extract from a book. Read it out loud. Try out different ways that your piece could be read. Read it quickly, then slowly, pause after every word or don’t pause at all. How does the meaning change? Which version do you prefer? Which version brings out the meaning of your words most effectively? Experimenting with the different ways that your piece can be read will help you craft a performance that is unique to you and your writing.

Share with a short recording, or with a picture of your chosen piece of writing!


If you have more time

Go back to your writing. Can you identify any patterns of images, sounds or words? How do you emphasise those patterns in performance? Maybe you want to differentiate between each individual element or keep them all the same. The only way to find out is to keep experimenting!



Why did you write this piece and how does your writing make you feel? How do you want to make others feel when they experience your performance? 



Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!

Share your responses online using the tags #64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge